Friday, August 31, 2007


Structures and appearances of your website are essential to make visitor interest and stay longer in your website. There is another strategy to optimize your website and make it top 10 on Google, the strategy is called LINKING STRATEGY. Here are rules of linking to be followed :


  1. Submit your website’s URL in to Open Directory Project (OPD or DMOZ). It will produce a lot of links that want to link to your website
  2. Submit your website to Yahoo!, but remember this is not free, you must pay the fee around $300/year. If your website is profitable, you can consider using Yahoo! Because many people use it.
  3. Submit your website to if your website is B2B website’s (Business to Business). You must pay the fee around $100/year.
  4. Do link exchange with all websites that have same topics with yours.
  5. Add your link to your website in your signature while you are posting in forum, blog, newsgroup, etc.
  6. Make a good navigation among each page of your website.
  7. Add inline link in your website. Inline is a link that appears on the paragraph. Inline link is better than navigation menu.
  8. Use a simple A HREF format better than use JavaScript to make link.
  9. Always monitor your website to know who are linking to your website. You must make sure that they have same topics and agree to do link exchange with you.


  1. Don’t use Click here as a text link because Google will cut your website around the Click here.
  2. Don’t make a link exchange with a link farm, link Free-for-all (FFA) or web SPAM.
  3. Don’t make a link exchange with a website that doesn’t have relationship with your business.
  4. Don’t make a broken link in your website because Google and Yahoo always check your website and if they found a broken link, your website will get criticized from them. This is not professional.
  5. Don’t hide your link use JavaScript, form or another method, except you have good reason about that.

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